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Updated: Jun 14

"We live in such a world where if you get good grades, you’re classified as a nerd and if you aren’t getting good grades, well then you’re a disgrace to your family. Where people only say, ‘you need to exercise a bit’ or ‘you need to eat more’. Where people or dare I say Indian parents regard being a doctor or engineer as a prominent position in life and if you aren’t one of those them, then you have officially failed yourself."

The opening paragraph from Tarushi Singh's 36-page book titled Random Thoughts of a Random Teen, resonates with everyone!

Our teenagers live in an age where an environment of inadequacy surrounds them- they're never good enough.

MYTH 1- This too shall pass | REALITY- No, it won't!

What's even more disturbing is the adult reaction- "This is just a phase, they will grow out of it. " Psychologists educate us that low self esteem issues experienced in teenage and adolescent years can effect the adult life of a such individuals later.

MYTH 2- Brain Food is a must| REALITY- It is the biggest scam!

"You are to eat four-five badams in the morning so that your brain continues to function, and you are focused."

You are what you think, and what your environment conditions you to think. Brain function, doctors will tell you is better if parents & teachers contribute to a teenager's mental well being.

MYTH 3- My child is perfect| REALITY- Toxic praise

I have come across parents who literally hero worship their child- this toxic positivity creates an equally negative environment for a teenager. Too much praise will create fear of failure in a teen. This can be detrimental to them in their adult life as well.

There are many myths that exist, the most common - " I too was your age, I know"- we don't. Parents and teachers, please be STOP talking, START listening to your teenager!

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