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With the Right Software,
Great things can happen!

Embark on an Extraordinary Journey

Discover a transformative educational odyssey with EdPrime. Our voyage redefines learning, blending innovation with inspiration. Experience interactive lessons, collaborative tools, and dedicated support, all in one cosmic platform.

Join us in shaping the future of education, where each step is a leap into new horizons. Unleash your potential with EdPrime today.


Redefining the Way 
We Move

Redefining the way, we move let each school do more from their time.
Let the educator focus on educating the pupil. Clear the clutter, take mundane and repeating tasks out, and bring efficiency and clarity.  

Clarity leads to efficiency, efficiency, and leads to quality! 


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Unlocking Minds! where knowledge reigns supreme and information flows effortlessly! Join the education evolution and watch your institute soar! Let's redefine learning together!


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Data security is our top priority. We adhere to the strictest protocols, worthy of 'banking grade' security, to safeguard your valuable information. we are ISO 29990, ISO 21001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000, and ISO 9001 certified, guaranteeing the highest standards in data protection.
Your data is our responsibility! 

Built for Academicians, by Academicians 

Powered by Passionate Innovators! Born from the minds of educators, teachers, behavioralists, and tech experts, all united to revolutionize education! Say goodbye to repetition, embrace streamlined processes, and empower learners and teachers alike! Recognized as a dynamic startup by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (Certificate: DIPP68860), EdPrime is lightning-fast, responsive, and an all-in-one web and mobile app with endless customization possibilities.

Join us on this epic journey of transforming education!


You will love the App!

All in one web

/Mobile App  

Fast and




Understand Your User Betters

Crafted with Precision and user feedback. EdPrime is the result of insights from thousands of users. We listen, we refine, and we deliver excellence! 


More Control  


Spots the Gaps  


Effortless Management  

Our Smart School Solutions & Offerings

School Management Platform  

Mobile Application for School and Parent-Student  

NCERT - based content and Question Bank 

Printing Services for Certificates and IDs  

Learning and Teaching Resources   

What Makes us Distinguished  


Delightful Customer Experience  

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Happy and Satisfied parents  

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Implementation at its Best 



Comprehensive Customer Support  

Age-Appropriate free- loaded content and videos 

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

Transform & Grow! 


Super Easy Management  

Unify Your Institute with EdPrime! Manage all operations effortlessly - from Admissions to Finances, Staff & Students, Bookstore, Examinations, and Notifications - all in one user-friendly platform! 


Richer Experience  

Elevate Learning with a Richer Experience, Visible Performance Progress, and Constructive Engagement for Parents and Staff. Experience a Boost in New Admissions and Delight Happier Parents. Take the Next Step towards Educational Excellence!

Accelerate Receivables, Enhance Control

With Multiple and Easy Payment Options, Schools Experience Quick Collection, Empowering Swift Planning and Management. Maximize Efficiency and Take Charge of Your Financial Success!   

Increased Parent Satisfaction  

With On/Offline Admissions, Timely Communication, and Convenient Access to Information, Experience the Obvious Result of Increased Parent Satisfaction. Watch as Your Child Develops an Affinity for the School, and Witness Parents Becoming Active Partners in their Child's Education and Learning. Together, we Shape a Brighter Future!

Standardisation & Brand Equity 

Standardize all your operations and create robust brand equity. Choose from the ready-to-use templates to get a head-start in marketing collateral, learning material, exam papers, etc.  

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