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An excellent opportunity to be our partner in revolutionising the education industry.

In this fast-paced and ever evolving marketplace, technology is playing a huge role. There are millions of education institutes worldwide looking for a solution to make their day-to-day processes faster and efficient. In this vast pool, the need for a Super Software like EdPrime is endless. Hence, here lies an opportunity of a lifetime to be our partner and contribute to better learning and working for 10000s of pupils and staff. It’s the next big thing in EdTech. 

EdPrime is providing a perfect amalgamation of quality, pricing, 24/7 support and dynamism, which will open gates for a whole new opportunity and world for entrepreneurs, like-minded go-getters. 

Let’s be Partners in this revolution and see where this relationship can take you. 

Don’t be shy, give us a shout here: Let’s Be Partners. 

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Agencies, Distributors and consultants  

Offering Value addition services for students 

School Vendors offering hardware and other services  

Bloggers and

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Words from our Partners 

Our Journey on EdPrime has been tremendous and the team was quite helpful while onboarding. Very much satisfied with the  the technical feasibility of the platform.

Mr. Ashim Gosh, Director



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