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I can access my child’s performance any time 

EdPrime for Student | Parent  

Empowering Students for a Bright Future!

Every student deserves an education that sets them apart in the competitive world. Academics and extra-curricular activities play a vital role in their growth. We cultivate life skills, confidence, and personality, making them stand out! 

Parents, stay in the loop! We keep you updated daily on your child's activities, replacing the wait for midterm or annual exams. Evaluate, analyse, and bridge the gaps in their progress - it's a game-changer! 

Seize the opportunity to nurture your child's talents and watch them thrive in all aspects of life. 

How the App Helps

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Students can embrace continuous learning, developing new skills, refreshing topics, and collaborating with peers. Our platform nurtures lifelong learners, empowering them to thrive in any setting!

Study in school, revise with EdPrime

Our platform offers NCERT-based content, perfect for students to learn, revise, and deepen their understanding of topics in sync with their classroom study.

Richer Personality

We're dedicated to enriching students' personalities with a wide array of learning materials. With our support, they shine bright, gaining confidence to conquer the world!


We empower students to discover scholarships and concessions from hundreds of national and international sources. Unlock the path to endless opportunities with EdPrime by your side!

Encourages Self Learning

We provide access to thousands of rich materials, empowering students to find answers and solutions. With us, they can learn comfortably from home, at their own pace, and on their schedule.

Student Self-Assessment

EdPrime allows students to do a self-assessment to better gauge their understanding of a given topic. Learn/Revise, Test. Repeat.


Smart School equals to Smart Child

Where Learning Comes Alive!  Experience the joy of fun and engaging learning! Choose from a variety of topics and courses tailored to your interests, tastes, and aptitudes.

Discover your passion with EdPrime!



Better Engagement with your ward’s education! How?

One platform for multiple kids in the same school  

Monitor and track performance, attendance, and communication  

Clear insight on Class, Homework and Curriculum 

Manage & apply for leaves, book appointments, seek assistance from the school 

Tons of courses, topics, and rich content - free & paid - to improve your ward’s skills  

Have a variety of payment options to pay the school fees on time, avail benefits and offers 


Helps in overall Development of the child  


Visual Learning

Storytelling to make concepts visual and easily understandable.


Gamified Learning

Learning through interaction and competition with fellow learners in the online community  


Foreign Languages

Learn multiple languages from best-in-class teachers with certification and evaluation.  

Untitled design (12).png


Learning by doing. One of the key elements of NEP  

Learning with fun

New-age learning uses
quizzes and real-life situations to help understand complex theories.  

Concepts based Learning

Comics are everyone’s best friend. When a child learns concepts with the help of comics, it helps them memorise them for a lifetime. 


Thought of the Day

Make today the day you learn something new.

- Anonymous


Everyday Features to Help Parents rely on the App


Know you child’s daily, monthly and annual attendance.


School Events and Academic Calendar

Know the School events and plan.



Lets you know the daily studying syllabus, which helps in preparation of exams. 


Classwork and Homework

Daily updates and helps in timely submissions. 


Online Learning

Attend subject matter expert live classes and recorded lectures.


Learn from the experts

Thousands of Topics wise free content to learn the way you understand it better. 


Apply Leave or communicate

Applying a leave and sharing document in
with a click. 


Quick fee Payment

Avoid queues and receive instant payment confirmation.

We are loved by many!   

EdPrime is fun. I never found studies so interesting. It's so easy to revisit the contents provided as and when I have a doubt. My syllabus, classwork, homework, and it's so organised that I don't have to seek my friend's help when I miss out on anything.

Student, Prachi Rathore

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

Explore the Student

Do a Lot more with Just one APP  

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