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Fast & Reliable 
Real-Time Data

Secured and encrypted data as the privacy to be on the topmost priority  


Application You can Trust

01. Fast & Agile

Core benefits are Satisfied Customers ,Improved Quality & Adaptability 

02. Cost-Effective

Facilitate the cost to be utilised in further growth of the school & provide more value to students

03. Real-Time Analytics

Dashboard displays in real time with constantly updated transactional data sets


About Technology  

Education Management Platform driven with latest technology extendible through API integrations  

Software as a Service

Do not worry about IT Infrastructure

Deployed on Google Cloud

Unlimited Storage Capacity

Built on PHP 7 and MERN stack

Scalable platform

Supports API Integration

Access all services in one place 

Ensures the security of Data  

Provides multiple levels of Security

Technology for you means safe data

The platform is behind a firewall and an SSL certificate ensures
data security in transit. 

Further, we are appraised by the best of industry-accepted certificates like ISO90001, ISO-27001, ISO-20000, CMMI, CERTIN, STQC & many more 

Do more with Automation process


Automate redundant work  


Organised workflow and processes


Strong Automated Follow ups  


Transparent And Trackable statistics  


Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile app development platforms worldwide.

Most people regardless of their technical background, understand that these mobile technology across their favorite smartphones and tablets.

App that works on multiple devices &any device  

Not restricted to any particular device, parent and student can login multiple times

Push Notifications on the mobile  

Get notified on the app with for every class, holiday or any other update

Latest App
Version ‘ 

Get the latest version of the app and stay updated 

Send Bulk SMS campaign and Transitional SMS  

Easily communicate with students, with Pre-approved SMS



Branch Admin,Vedant School, Jaipur

"EdPrime has provided excellent services and has expressed complete satisfaction with the support they have received from the EdPrime team even when they encountered issues, the problems were resolved promptly and efficiently." 

Technology Partners  

GROW Faster  

We are here to let you grow faster. With the right platform and tools build your process and organisational structures to pace your growth  

Be Where You Want to Be! 

Whether you are digitising your school for the first time or looking for a rapid transition online, we will make your life easier with the right features at your fingertips. 

Stronger Control and Relationships  

Effective communication leads to stronger relationships. The Commnication is on facts and handy information exactly when and how you want.  

Transform Your School into the Digital Age: Connect Teachers, Parents, and Students Online in Minutes

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

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