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Growth and
Innovation Plans

Plan that suits you best! 

Appropriate Pricing  

Flexibility & Scalability 

Better Collaboration

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Your journey of seamless digital experience starts here! 


Valid for 3 months 

The first step towards digitisation offers an online payment collection option  

  • Repository of student and staff data  

  • Collect fees Online  

  • Online Training  

  • Free SMS-500 

Best Value


Add value and maximize your competitive advantage 

  • Covers all major features 

  • Flexibility and Customizsation features 

  • Customer Care assistance & Offline Training  

  • Free SMS-5000 


Harness the power of Digitisation to upgrade your school operations  

  • High–end Digitalization 

  • Offline Training 

  • Dedicated Resource in the School  

  • Extraordinary Support 

  • Free SMS–10,000 

Tangible Outcomes

Quick Onboarding

Simple and easy to onboard with the assistance of our onboarding expert.

Easy Implementation

Easy Navigation and self learning tutorials make it easy to implement

Visible growth in admissions

Helps you focus on brand building instead of being involved in redundant and monotonous work

Better Brand Engagement

Satisfied and better student performance results in building brand 

Edprime Advantage

Let Your School take advantage of EdPrime to Scale Higher

EdPrime's analytical features and streamlined operations pave the way for increased revenue and admissions. Witness your school flourish like never before!

Incorporate diff learning 
style & pattern

See visible growth in number of admissions

Reduce admin

Automate school operations, with efficiency and effectiveness 

Better Fee

Your daily administrative work is sorted. Go Paperless

Higher Technology adoption 
by staff

Identify new avenues and focus on the growth and academics of the school  

How to start

Start a Chat/Call

You may kindly speak to an EdPrime Expert and get a walkthrough of the features 

Choose a Plan

After understanding the features you may pick the right plan that suits you the best 

Book a Session

Choose a slot for a physical/online visit of the Onboarding Manager to help  you onboard

Book a free demo

Thanks for submitting!

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