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A Treasure Trove of Frequently Asked Questions:
Your Go-To Guide for Common Inquiries

What you may ask  

1. Can I take an online examination through EdPrime? 

Yes, you can manage and take online exams with EdPrime. 

2. As an admin what can I do with EdPrime? 

As an admin, you can manage all the school related activities, manage employees, fee and much more.

3. Is the data uploaded safe? 

Data privacy and security is in our priority list. The data uploaded through EdPrime is safe. 

4. Can I manage attendance manually and automatically? 

 Yes, you can manage attendance manually and automatically. 

5. Can I keep a record of assignments provided to students? 

EdPrime allows you and students to keep track of homework/ classwork assigned to students. 

6. Can I create a blueprint for the class at the beginning of the session? 

 You can create a class structure, section structure for the institute. 

7. Can I update the student data once uploaded? 

Yes, the data once uploaded can be edited. 

8. Can I communicate with students? 

EdPrime allows you to communicate with the students through email, flash message, SMS, internal messages. 

9. How does EdPrime help in managing fees and finances of the institute?’ 

EdPrime has a fee module that incorporates all the functionalities to manage the fees. Expense module helps you to manage the expenses. 

10. Is there an app? 

Yes, there is an EdPrime app for both staff and students. 

11. Do all students, teachers and parents must sign up on EdPrime? 


12. How do I receive my credentials to login to the account? 

The login credentials are shared by your school. 

13. Can I generate TC and other certificates through EdPrime? 

Yes, with EdPrime you can generate several certificates including TC, character certificate and appreciation certificate. 

14. Can I conduct and manage online examinations? 

From creating exam timetables, conducting exams, marks entry to marksheet generation, you can manage the complete cycle of examination. 

15. As an institute admin can I manage my employees? 

Yes, the HRMS module of EdPrime helps you create roles, permissions and generating Id cards for the employees. 

16. How can I track performance, growth, expenses, and other traceable aspects? 

With EdPrime you can generate several reports for various aspects that help you to track. 

17. Where can I get product stock and billing information? 

You can get the information of product stock and billing in the study well module of EdPrime. 

18. Does EdPrime have any additional offerings? 

There are several courses with amazing content in EdPrime exclusive that help in overall d evelopment of a child. 

19. What is EdPrime exclusive? 

EdPrime exclusive incorporates various free and paid courses, scholarship information, weekly bulletin, educational comics and much more that help the child to learn zestfully and enthusiastically.  

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

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