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Next-level School Management: Where Advanced Meets 'Oh-So-Easy!


Our Features

Discover the powerful core features of our system, designed to streamline school processes and cut costs. With smart functionalities like AI and automation, we optimise work and foster closer alignment between departments. Say goodbye to mundane, repetitive tasks, as automation takes care of them. Experience built-in account reconciliation and transaction matching, significantly enhancing efficiency and expediting the financial close process. Embrace the future of smarter school management with our cutting-edge platform.


Seamless Integration Guaranteed! Unlock limitless possibilities with our features, regardless of your technical setup.

Elevate your educational experience

Admission Management System

Track and analyze Admissions, monitor every step, and analyze the journey from start to finish. Stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and enhance your admissions process!

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Start Admission process as required -offline/online. 

Daily Transactions Reports.

Analytical Chart to follow the admission trend.

Go complete paperless for admission process.  

Easy document upload.

Send reminders by SMS etc. 

On/Offline Admission Process 

Online registration is embedded with your website. 

Quick registration and sibling management system  

Pay the registration/admission
fee online. 


Manage Students (enrol, suspend, transfer, on- hold, etc.) 

Issue TC or Branch Transfer 

Student Information & Profile 

Sibling Management 

Parent Management 

Health, Wellbeing & Vaccination Status 


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View Timetable: Class, Exam, etc 

Academic Calendar

Assignments, Homework, Classwork View

Digital Submission of Home, Class or Project Work 

Manage & Create appointments

Submission Library

Exclusive offerings: Gamified Learning, Comprehensive Learning (audio-video) Resources 


Manage Attendance and Leaves 

Quickly Mark Attendance 

Only Mark absents 

Mass enter Scholar Num for absent

Visibility to parents of Leave or Attendance 

Integrate or import bulk attendance 


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Manage Multiple fee structures

Fee payment online or offline 

Multiple methods of Payment 

Cheque management & Reconciliation

Digital Payments Management & Reconciliation

Digital payment setup is a part of onboarding 

Enable digital fees immediately after setup

Take Partial and/or Full Fees 

Refund or Cancel fees

Integrated with Financial Services
(EMI, loan options, etc.)


Fee Due, Fee Collected, Overdue, Total to Collect 

Extensive options and reports (repeat defaulters, warnings sent, etc.) 

Communicate with targeted users 


Timetable and Exam Sheets 

Manage multiple exams/test 

MCQ, Short/Long Answer 

Multiple formats – negative marking, etc 

Manage On/Offline Examination 

Huge Repository of Question Papers & Question Banks 

Marksheet, Green sheet and Detailed assessment report. Computation of performance & customisable reports

Extensive Performance & Evaluation Reports

Question mass upload, result assessment control, randomizing questions, mock test, association with the mark sheet module, review question warning 


Manage and create all school printables:
Student IDs, Report Cards, Receipts Formats, Greetings, etc.

Variety of Templates to choose from for Certificates, Health Cards, Academic Performance, etc. 


Configurable employee roles 

Multiple Departments & Categories etc 

Detailed & Centralized Employee records/ profile 

Manage attendance, holidays and leaves 

Bulk employee upload 

Integration with Biometric Attendance 

Create & Manage payroll 

Fully Customisable leave policies 

Engagement & Comprehensive Communication 




Comprehensive Timetable & Calendar view

Manage Students & Classes 

Manage Assignments (home/class/project work) 

Multiple Class/Subject Support 

Assignments, Allocation & Management

Manage Student Submissions

Student Attendance 

Online examination

Create Test – mock and mark

Quick & detailed 

Comprehensive Communication 

Multiple Channels – IM, SMS, WhatsApp etc 


Manage Vendors & Suppliers 

Manage all Payables 

Expense Management & Tracking

Create/Print Vouchers 

Escalate or Pay invoices 

Integrate with the Accounting system of your choice 


MicrosoftTeams-image (4).png


MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png

Manage & Maintain Vehicle(s) 

Route map with pick-up and drop-off points

Optimise the best route based on pick up points

Track expenses and maintenance for all vehicles

Manage Statutory Requirements

Insurance, RTO documents, etc.

Integration with GPS Tracking

Maintenance reminder & Notification



Create and Manage on Institute Storefront

Digital & Physical 

Separate Identify Friendly (multiple structure)

Create & Manage 

Products: books, stationery, uniform etc. 

Vendors & Suppliers


Multiple Bundles & Pricing 

POS Integration 


Multiple Stores/location 

Ecommerce Engine

Shopping Cart 

Payment Gateways 

Third-Party Delivery Integration 

Cash on Delivery 

Insured etc 

Multi-level vendor 

Integrated with Exclusive (Marketplace) 

Integrated with Communication 

Linked with the Expense Manager 

Triggers & Notification 

Multiple Payments Options (receivable and payables)

Stock Refunds & Returns 

Basic P & L Statement 


Artboard – 1.png

Market place for Students, Teachers, Schools and all stakeholders 

Product lists and Content Curation Tools 

Seamless Movement and a simple signup process

Easy Custom Search & Navigation 

Mobile Friendliness, Multiple Payment
Gateways & Options 

Analytics Dashboard 

Comprehensive Vendor Dashboard 

An AI chatbot 


Ability to Create & Manage Learning Content 

Create Courses & Lessons  

Rich Content – Video, images, texts etc 

SCORM Based  

Permission based 

Inbuilt Tests & Question Banks  

Create & Manage Tasks (Assignments)

Digital & Physical 

Shareable and Extendable Content (Interoperability)  

Create & Manage Online classes through Google Meet, Zoom, Webex, and MS Teams

Prebuilt Lesson Plan & Contents as per NCERT   

Access to a vast repository of learning material   

Evaluate Classwork andHomework digitally

Access to vast leading content: videos & concept clearing videos/text 

Classroom online Diary 



Comprehensive Communication Dashboard 

Variety of mediums: [Rich] Internal Message, Email, SMS, Flash, WhatsApp 

Automated Responses and Chats

Manage and Book Appointments /Interactions

Phone and Other Logs 

Reusable Templates

Student and Staff Id cards

Bespoke design and style 

Doorstep delivery

Bulk Profile picture upload


Biometric Device  

Face Reader + Fingerprint + Card Reader+ Password Time Attendance Machine 

Access to real time data  

API Integrable with any system. 

Easy installation process  

Wi-fi enabled  

User Capacity: 1000 

Fingerprint Capacity: 2000 

Face Capacity: 500 

Transaction Capacity: 50,000  

 Display: 2.8" Color LCD  

Communication: TCP/IP, USB-Host  

Push Data: Yes (≤1 Sec) 

NCERT Based Content & Question Bank  

dictionary (2).png

30,000 plus readily available question bank 

content (3).png

NCERT based interactive content  


Topic wise videos

Worksheets and Exercises

test (1).png

Question Paper Templates and Create Custom


NCERT based interactive content

EdPrime Exclusive

Introducing our interactive learning space, where students can Explore, Engage, and Excel.
We offer category-wise content, allowing students to pace their learning according to their preferences.

Unleash your language skills with our Vocabulary Builder and learn new words effortlessly.

Kickstart your mornings with "Thought of the Day" for a dose of motivation
Embrace a dynamic learning environment that fosters growth and success.

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Certificate Courses  

Academic Excellence: Yoga classes  

Learn the yogic techniques derived from ancient Indian scriptures like the Vedas and the Upanishads. Improve performance in all academic and non–academic subjects. 

Duration: 45 min, 4 sessions a month, Annual fee  

Mode: Online (Theory & Practical) 

Must Have Features


Send Personalised Updates to Parents and Students


Dedicated Resource on the school premises  

Easy implementation and adoption  


Digital School in True Sense  

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