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Simply Admission Management with EdPrime 

Digitalize and Grow through Admission Management System with EdPrime 

Outline of our services/Offering 

Multi – User portal 

  • Portal access available on web & mobile

  • Record student, staff attendance

  • Receive regular updates and SMS 


Track Performance/Progress

  • Track progress of users  

  • Download reports for analysis  

  • Maintain and store student information 


All in one Solution 

  • Create and Customize your Admission Portal

  • Post regular updates on the portal effortlessly 

  • Resolve queries and issues in no time 


Enhanced document processing 

  • Configure & collect fee easily  

  • Digitize collection & processing of records 

  • Pay admission/form fee online & download receipts 


Features - 

Customizable Forms

Schedule Examinations, Timetable and many more 

Course based applications 

Schedule Interview/interaction


Manage applications (Approve/reject) 


  • Does EdPrime have any additional offerings?
    There are several courses with amazing content in EdPrime Exclusive that help in the overall development of a child.
  • What is EdPrime Exclusive?
    EdPrime Exclusive incorporates various free and paid courses, scholarship information, a weekly bulletin, educational comics, and much more that help the child learn zestfully and enthusiastically.
  • Is it Free or Paid?
    Yes, most of the courses are free and available online. For certification courses a minimal fee will be charged.
  • Can I update the student data once uploaded?
    Yes, the data once uploaded can be edited.
  • Can I communicate with students?
    EdPrime allows you to communicate with the students through email, flash message, SMS, internal messages & what’s app.
  • How does EdPrime help in managing fees and finances of the institute?’
    EdPrime has a fee module that incorporates all the functionalities to manage the fees. Expense module helps you to manage the expenses.
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