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Onboarding Your


Your first Step

Embrace Change with Ease!
Moving to a new tech platform may seem cumbersome, but fear not!

We've simplified the entire process, making it as sweet as a breeze and easy as a walk in the park!

Naturally, change requires commitment, but the benefits you'll reap will make data migration a trivial task. Let's revolutionise your education journey together!

Our Core Values


Major focus on the overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency of the data. 


appropriate measures and records in place to be able to demonstrate accountability and compliance.


Deciphering Right Set of information and training for advancing skill sets


Dedicated and helpful team to assist you on the journey and let you have a delightful experience.


Zeal to let you reach the pinnacle of your business

Our Mission is an Empowered School


Satisfaction Rated by Schools



 EdPrime Support Services


Ease of Technology Adoption

On-board School in quick easy steps 1/2/3

Fill in the basic details

Create an Institute, add academics, set rules, schedule, installments, etc.

Import Data

Quickly import employee and student data.

Get Started

Hooray! Start using and exploring the unconventional teaching and learning

the Staff App

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Experience the EdPrime Goodness!

We're not just good with technology, but also with unparalleled support and assistance. Take control with our dedicated self-help resources, tutorials, videos, and How-To guides. Plus, we plan special training and support sessions for schools, staff, and parents to make the transition smooth and painless.

All you need is an internet connection, an appropriate device, and a winning attitude! Let's embark on a successful journey together!


On-Boarding & Support Process

Your Success, Our Priority!

As soon as a school joins EdPrime,
it becomes our mission to ensure owners, principals, teachers, and parents/students embrace the change effortlessly.

With our onboarding methodology, a dedicated relationship manager supports the school with documentation and a sign-up process. Plus, they're always just an email or call away throughout the school's journey with EdPrime.

Let's navigate the path to success together!

On-Boarding Process

Personal Onboarding Guide for You! Our dedicated manager ensures smooth onboarding, by answering all your queries

Data Security at Its Best!  

We prioritise data protection. To ensure security, we keep the sales team out of the data collection process. Additionally, schools can provide password-protected Excel for an extra layer of safety. Rest assured, your data is in good hands with EdPrime!

Comprehensive Training for All!

We offer detailed support training sessions for all key stakeholders.

Seamless Data Integration!
Schools provide the data and templates, and we handle the rest. 

User Profiles are ready to Roll! With the received data, user profiles are swiftly created, allowing easy access to our platform.

Support Tools at Your Fingertips! Our platform offers an assortment of support tools for your convenience. Refer to them anytime and access the help you need, whenever you need it!

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

Support Process

Dedicated to helping you solve any issue that you may face in using our platform

Support is provided in both English and Hindi.

The Support team is available from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm, Monday-Sunday.

Feel free to drop us a mail at or call us at +91 86963 29632.

Upon query receival a unique ticket number is assigned to you. We try our best to resolve your queries immediately. If not, a timeline is provided for the same.

Upon resolution, we take your confirmation.

Numerous videos and manuals are also available for support.

What's App Chat System: Chat with a live agent

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