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An all-in-one super easy education and super-rich content resource platform for academics, schools, teachers, and students.  

It covers the entire school administration, day-to-day operations, teaching resources, study material for online courses, a community for school students, and a lot more. 

Smart AI enabled ERP System.  


Easy Navigation 





Admission Management System

NCERT-based Content Library and Question Bank 

Instant Classroom Assessments & Worksheets! EdPrime lets you create quick tests or worksheets with engaging content, meticulously aligned with NCERT Guidelines.

Access an authentic question Bank and sample test series to effortlessly craft question papers or conduct random tests. Elevate your teaching experience with EdPrime today!  

Access to a variety of content from different content providers in one place.  

Choose the best of the content 

Topic wise video and textual content  

Readily available question bank for quick and term exams. 

Benefits your Derive

Helps make learning powerful  

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Visual learning helps in creating an impact  


Additional resources for the teacher


Students revise through an app.

Printing and Services

Hassle-free printing services for Employee and student ID cards. Choose from the available templates, and personalise with your school logo, personal details, and color codes.
Doorstep Delivery for a super comfortable experience. 

Students and Staff ID Cards

  • Choose from the ready-made templates   

  • Doorstep delivery 

  • Inexpensive and smart RFID cards  

  • Quick device  

  • Premium sheet  

Biometric Device

  • Face reader+ Fingerprint+ card reader 

  • Password Time attendance Machine

  • Real time integration 

  • Automated attendance

  • Wi-fi enabled

  • Fingerprint capacity: 2000

  • Face Capacity: 500 


Junior Learning Series  

Curriculum for Pre-primary students 

Excellent content fully mapped with NEP, NCERT and International curriculum  

Interactive activities and worksheets as per the syllabus.  

Primary focus on 5 key skill sets: 

Physical wellbeing, health and motor development 

Cognitive Development 

Creative and Aesthetic Development 

Language, Communication and Literacy Development 

Personal, social and emotional development 

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