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School Management
Made Easy

Empower Your Institution with EdPrime's Super Software! Unlock advanced ERP & LMS capabilities, all-in-one on a single platform.  

Helps you with digital solution, ease of adoption & hassle-free management.



Manual to Automation process

Unlock Efficiency with Automated Processes! EdPrime minimizes errors and redundancies, ensuring smart and efficient work. Say goodbye to mundane tasks, freeing school administration to focus on high-value work and educational excellence!

Saves Time and Money! 

Embrace Efficiency and Collaboration with EdPrime! 📚💼 Organized work saves time and enhances collaboration, opening doors to invest in enriching co-curricular activities.

Better Reporting  

Simplify Data Management with EdPrime! Say goodbye to the hassle of managing excels and large data chunks. Our platform makes data updates and handling a breeze! Let EdPrime do the heavy lifting while you focus on what matters most.



Easier Monitoring and School Management  

Efficiency, Productivity, and Reporting in a Snap! EdPrime brings you data interpretation and downloadable reports at warp speed! No more waiting – just easy access to elevate your institution!

Better Parent-Student Engagement 

Say goodbye to WhatsApp group hassles!  EdPrime empowers teachers to send effective communication to parents and students effortlessly. Share pictures, videos, circulars, pre-approved SMS, and integrate with WhatsApp seamlessly. Manage all info in one place! 

Single source of information  

Experience the Power of One Mobile App!

Your all-in-one platform to send and view all information. Say goodbye to Excel and Word documents, and say hello to a better, more efficient experience! Social Login adds excitement to the mix! 

Scalability benefits  

minimize administrative work, freeing you to focus on crafting a better experience, admissions, and expanding scholastic services.

Institute Owner


Enhanced Customer Service  

Love, Comfort, and Effortless Experience - Unleash the magic of enhanced customer experience and watch your school's brand soar to new heights! 

Better control on School Management and Processes 

Unlock the Power of Data! Tracking and analysis, online registration becomes a breeze. Dive into admission trends, manage funds like a pro, and plan your academic year with superhero precision! 

Visible growth in admissions 

Admit, Excel, and Grow .Quick online admissions, entrance exam syllabus made simple, and better brand building - all leading to skyrocketing admissions! 

Quick and better decision making  

Unlock confident and super-easy decision-making with analytical charts, customized reports, and an easy user interface - all at your fingertips! Access information anywhere, anytime, and conquer the world of education on the go!

Blue Background

Enhancing School Administration with Empowerment


Seamless Connectivity for Students and Staff:
The Power of Our Mobile App

Transform & Grow       


Managing school with ease  

Enjoy hassle-free management and better visibility. Control admissions, examinations, transport system, staff & and student engagement - all from one single platform.

Enhance your classroom experience/ management.

Clear visibility and task assignments boost control & drive better student outcomes. With ready-to-use learning materials, lesson plans, and syllabus, you'll have more time to engage students in a dynamic classroom experience - On or Offline!


Accelerate school admission & parent satisfaction.  

With our fully digital admission process and seamless communication, parents stay connected and access information whenever they need it. They become an integral part of their children's learning journey, amplifying the school's efforts and boosting satisfaction levels.

Faster fee collection & Better ROI  

Seamless Payments, Happy Parents!  EdPrime offers simple and comprehensive payment options for parents. Schools enjoy quick and easy reconciliation, making everyone's experience effortless and enjoyable!


Better parent student staff engagement   

Embrace engaging, real-time, and controlled communication between parents and staff. Experience a flow of information that leads to empowerment, building better communities, and increasing positive participation.

Standardization & Brand Equity   

Say goodbye to the hassle of creating school operation policies - we've got you covered! With our white-label feature and ready-to-use branding & and marketing collateral library, you get a head-start whenever you need it.   


Unleashing Boundless Possibilities!  
Our comprehensive school ERP solution boasts over 100 advanced modules and actionable insights




Student Management


Student Access


Attendance and Leaves


EdPrime ease of access with

Manage multiple branches with
one Dashboard

Controlled and accountable school

Mobile App for staff and parent-student  

Login on any device any time  

Secured data saved in the cloud.  

Customized Reports  

Experience Quick Transformation  


10X Growth in



85% Growth in online

fee collection

100% Better Student Performance



NCERT Based Curriculum

wide range of vendors and content providers, enabling you to learn at home, school, alone, or with friends! Embrace a world of knowledge


Access to many vendors and variety of Content providers to learn at home, school, alone or with friends.   

Question Bank

A Treasure Trove of Exam Questions!  Access our vast pool of questions for every class and subject, allowing you to choose from a rich variety for examinations. 

Integration with Biometric devices

real-time data and swift device installation. Simplify your processes and embrace efficiency

Printing Marksheets, Certificates and Id cards

One-Click Style & Layout Selection, Easy Printing!  

Student Self-Assessment

Learn, Revise, Test, and Repeat - students can gauge their understanding of any topic with ease.Empowering Self-Assessment for Students!

Live Training and Training Videos

Your Everyday Learning Companion! Enjoy live trainers available daily for interactive training sessions. With topic-wise training videos, learn at your own pace and have a reference when needed.

Love to Help

We're Your Joyful Support Team!

 Reach out anytime from Mon-Sat, 8 AM - 6.30 PM, and experience our super-friendly assistance!

Call us at +91 86963 29632. Let's make your journey delightful!



Workflows that Work  


All in one Solution  


Comprehensive Customer Support 


Flexible and Customizable 

Schedule a demo today, to know the features best suited for your School  

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